Forex Signals

Forex Signals 01-08-2023

EUR/USD – A Downtrend May Happen For The Pair Ahead Of Eu Inflation Data

Bullish View Take Profit: 1.0960 Stop Loss : 1.1075 Timeline: 1-2 days Bearish View Buy Stop : 1.1048 Take Profit: 1.1100 Stop Loss : 1.0970 On Monday morning, the major pair was seen trading at 1.1018 which was a little higher than the low point of last week when the price was 1.0945. Trades seemed […]

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Forex Signals 25-07-2023

GBP/USD – The Cable Pair Price May Keep Dropping For Now

Bearish View Take Profit: 1.2800 Stop Loss : 1.2900 Time Line: 1 day Bullish View Buy Stop : 1.2890 Take Profit: 1.2950 Stop Loss : 1.2800 We saw a drop in the price of the cable pair following the release of UK consumer inflation and retail sales figures. The pair fell to 1.2850, reaching the […]

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Forex Signals 18-07-2023

EUR/USD – The Pair Price Will Keep On Rising With Bullish Sentiment

Long Position Take Profit: 1.1300 Stop Loss : 1.1200 Timeline: 1 day Short Position Sell Stop : 1.1215 Take Profit: 1.1150 Stop Loss : 1.1300 The pair price has been showing a strong bullish trend on the price charts, crossing all the Moving Averages and moving above the Ichimoku Cloud. With the development of a […]

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Forex Signals 13-07-2023

Aud/usd – More Sideway Movements Can Be Expected for the Pair

Short Position Take Profit: 0.6600 Stop Loss : 0.6750 Timeline: 1-2 days Long Position Buy Stop : 0.6700 Take Profit: 0.6800 Stop Loss : 0.6600 The AUD/USD pair is still fluctuating within a range and does not yet appear to be in a strong trend. Prior to the release of the US CPI data on […]

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Forex Signals 04-07-2023

EUR/USD – The pair may keep on consolidating for a while

Bullish View Take Profit: 1.0965 Stop Loss : 1.0850 Timeline: 1-2 days Bearish View Sell Stop : 1.0890 Take Profit: 1.0835 Stop Loss : 1.0950 Last Friday, we saw the pair price recovering after positive US PCE numbers were released, suggesting the possibility of a rate hike during this month. Earlier, the pair price dropped […]

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Forex Signals 27-06-2023

BTC/USD – The Pair May Retreat Slightly And Then Resume The Bullish Trend

Short Position Take Profit: 30,000 Stop Loss : 32,000 Timeline: 1 day Long Position Buy Stop : 31,000 Take Profit: 32,000 Stop Loss : 29,000 The failure of major crypto businesses was undoubtedly a difficult circumstance for all crypto spectators, however market views have recently altered dramatically. The SEC’s lawsuits against large cryptocurrency firms were […]

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Forex Signals 20-06-2023

EUR/USD – Can Expect A Bullish Breakout Following The Brief Pullback

Long Position Take Profit: 1.1025 Stop Loss : 1.0850 Timeline: 1-2 days Short Position Sell Stop : 1.0875 Take Profit: 1.0800 Stop Loss : 1.0950 The Juneteenth holiday resulted in low trading volume as US markets were closed, causing the pair to fall to 1.0920, only a few points below this week’s high of 1.0967. […]

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Forex Signals 14-06-2023

GBP/USD – Volatility Expected for GBP/USD as UK and US Economic Data Take Center Stage

Bullish View Take Profit: 1.2600 Stop Loss : 1.2450 Timeline: 1-2 days Bullish View Take Profit: 1.2450 Stop Loss : 1.2600 Tuesday is expected to bring volatility for the GBP/USD currency pair as investors react to the latest economic data from the UK and the US. The UK will release its jobs numbers, with economists […]

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Forex Signals 06-06-2023


Bullish View Take Profit: 1.2545 Stop Loss : 1.2345 Timeline: 1-2 days Bearish View Sell Stop : 1.2425 Take Profit: 1.2345 Stop Loss : 1.2525 The American employment figures being strong apparently lead to a reversal for the GBP/USD pair as the DXY went up sharply last Friday. It went down to 1.2450 falling below […]

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Forex Signals 02-06-2023

BTC/USD: Resolving US Debt Ceiling Concerns and Implications for Financial Assets

Short Position: Take Profit: 26,000 Stop Loss: 27,600 Timeline: 1 Day Long Position Buy Stop: 27,475 Take Profit: 28,500 Stop Loss: 26,000 The recent concerns about the debt ceiling in the United States are now being resolved through an agreement between Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden. However, this development could potentially pose additional challenges for […]

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