Forex News 27-06-2023

Forex News Roundup for 27th June, 2023

Over the weekend, the private military force known as the Wagner Group, which has been extensively involved in Russia’s operations in Ukraine, appeared to stage a revolt against the Russian government or military. Their planned march on Moscow led to the occupation of two Russian cities along the route. However, the group ultimately retreated when […]

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Forex Signals 27-06-2023

BTC/USD – The Pair May Retreat Slightly And Then Resume The Bullish Trend

Short Position Take Profit: 30,000 Stop Loss : 32,000 Timeline: 1 day Long Position Buy Stop : 31,000 Take Profit: 32,000 Stop Loss : 29,000 The failure of major crypto businesses was undoubtedly a difficult circumstance for all crypto spectators, however market views have recently altered dramatically. The SEC’s lawsuits against large cryptocurrency firms were […]

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Forex News 20-06-2023

Forex News Roundup for 20th June, 2023

Major stock markets in Asia began the week on a quiet note, except for one key factor: the absence of Chinese monetary stimulus in the near future. Consequently, both the Hang Seng Index and the Nikkei 225 Index closed the day with declines exceeding 1%. While US stock index futures experienced a slight drop, their […]

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Forex Signals 20-06-2023

EUR/USD – Can Expect A Bullish Breakout Following The Brief Pullback

Long Position Take Profit: 1.1025 Stop Loss : 1.0850 Timeline: 1-2 days Short Position Sell Stop : 1.0875 Take Profit: 1.0800 Stop Loss : 1.0950 The Juneteenth holiday resulted in low trading volume as US markets were closed, causing the pair to fall to 1.0920, only a few points below this week’s high of 1.0967. […]

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Forex News 14-06-2023

Forex News Roundup for 13th June, 2023

The recent decision by the People’s Bank of China to unexpectedly reduce its 7-day reverse repo rate from 2.0% to 1.9% is believed to have played a role in fostering an overall positive sentiment in stock markets. This surprise rate cut has likely contributed to the prevailing bullish mood among investors. The market’s attention is […]

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Forex Signals 14-06-2023

GBP/USD – Volatility Expected for GBP/USD as UK and US Economic Data Take Center Stage

Bullish View Take Profit: 1.2600 Stop Loss : 1.2450 Timeline: 1-2 days Bullish View Take Profit: 1.2450 Stop Loss : 1.2600 Tuesday is expected to bring volatility for the GBP/USD currency pair as investors react to the latest economic data from the UK and the US. The UK will release its jobs numbers, with economists […]

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Forex Signals 06-06-2023


Bullish View Take Profit: 1.2545 Stop Loss : 1.2345 Timeline: 1-2 days Bearish View Sell Stop : 1.2425 Take Profit: 1.2345 Stop Loss : 1.2525 The American employment figures being strong apparently lead to a reversal for the GBP/USD pair as the DXY went up sharply last Friday. It went down to 1.2450 falling below […]

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Forex News 06-06-2023

Forex News Roundup for 6th June, 2023

At the beginning of the week, Asian equity markets are witnessing a rise, spearheaded by Japan. The country’s remarkable post-Covid recovery has ignited a strong surge in stock prices, leading to an enduring bull market. Japanese equity indices, including the Nikkei 225, are scaling heights not witnessed in many years, making this an intriguing prospect […]

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news debt
Forex News 02-06-2023

Forex News Roundup for 02 June, 2023

The upcoming June meeting of the Federal Reserve is widely anticipated to result in another 0.25% interest rate hike. However, there is increasing speculation that the Fed might opt to pause the hikes. Fed member Harker emphasized that the economy is progressing steadily and that rate increases are not necessary at every meeting. Adding to […]

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Forex Signals 02-06-2023

BTC/USD: Resolving US Debt Ceiling Concerns and Implications for Financial Assets

Short Position: Take Profit: 26,000 Stop Loss: 27,600 Timeline: 1 Day Long Position Buy Stop: 27,475 Take Profit: 28,500 Stop Loss: 26,000 The recent concerns about the debt ceiling in the United States are now being resolved through an agreement between Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden. However, this development could potentially pose additional challenges for […]

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